A BCCI medical team member tested positive for COVID-19 in UAE

A member of the BCCI medical team has been tested positive for coronavirus in the United Arab Emirates along with two National Cricket Academy members in Bangalore.

Days are inching towards the start of the Indian Premier League 2020 in the United Arab Emirates. The season is all set to begin now, after a postponement from the actual plan due to the coronavirus pandemic situation.

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But still, there are problems rising regarding the coronavirus threat among players in the United Arab Emirates. Earlier 13 members of Chennai Super Kings were tested positive for the virus including two players. As a result, Chennai Super Kings are yet to start their training session.

Now on that side, it looks all clear as all the members of the Chennai Super Kings are tested negative for the virus. The franchise is expected to start their training after another test to ensure there is no more contamination within the team members.

BCCI Medical Staff tested positive for COVID-19

Meanwhile, there is a new coronavirus threat raised in the panel of the Indian Premier League. A senior medical staff of BCCI’s medical team has been tested positive for the coronavirus. A BCCI official confirmed the news and said that the staff is quarantined and it is ensured that he is not contacted with others.

“It is true, but there is no issue as he (senior medical officer) is asymptomatic and has been kept in isolation. He has not been in contact with anyone and possibly contracted it during his travel in the UAE. He is being monitored and should hopefully be fine in the next round of testing. We also have two people at the NCA who have tested positive and have been kept in isolation,” the official told to ANI.

Simultaneously, there are two more COVID-19 infections amongst the BCCI staff. Two members from National Cricket Academy in Bangalore has been tested positive with the virus.

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