All praise for Ali Khan who to debut in IPL for KKR

Muhammad Ahsan Ali Khan’s likely inclusion in the Kolkata Knight Riders team in the IPL has impressed one India-born coach Jatin Patel, now in USA.

“From day one he was outstanding in terms of his speed and skill”, he said over the telephone.

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“He impressed everyone at the camp and made the team. Since then he never looked back in terms of performance”.

“Since he made it to ICC Americas combined XI – later selected for the USA national team and played an instrumental role for the USA cricket team – to achieve ODI status last year in Namibia”.

“His profile stack uplifted with the opportunity to play in CPL with Trinidad team (owned by KKR) – he is now part of the last two Trinidad championship with a role as opening bowler”, Patel added further.

Since the USA gained ODI status – Ali Khan has not played any 50 over game for usa. but mostly featured in CPL & Canada T20.

“I am fortunate to see him from day one as he raises his bar here in Indianapolis where he used to practice on turf wickets (only turf wicket in the area and nearest one to his town) which is about an hour drive from his residence”, he concluded.

Ali Khan was born in Pakistan and now holds US passport.

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