Ashraful surprised to see Sachin eating ‘so much’


Mohammad Ashraful was a teenager when the Independent Cup was held 10 years after the 1988-1989 Asia Cup. He was a member of the coaching academy ‘Ankur’ of former national cricketer Wahidul Gani at age 12 or 13. At that age, Ashraful first saw Sachin Tendulkar at the Bangabandhu National Stadium.

Needless to say, teenager Ashraful had been a fan of Sachin for a year or two before this. It was a different experience to see the cricketer and cricket hero of that dream shaking hands from a distance and watching him play outside the boundary line on the field.


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Wondering how the teenager Ashraful got the opportunity to watch the game at the Bangabandhu National Stadium at that young age? Is it possible for a teenager to enter that field in an international match and watch the game just outside the boundaries?

There was ‘ball boy’ in international matches. The teenage cricketers of Wahidul Gani’s ‘Ankur’ were ball boys then. Ashraful saw Sachin sitting on the field. He also took pictures with his favorite cricketer.

Surprisingly, when Ashraful confronted Sachin a few years later, he lost the identity of ‘Ball Boy’. Instead, Ashraful was known as the youngest centurion to make a Test debut against Sri Lankan bowlers like Muttiah Muralitharan and Chaminda Vaas. And like everyone else, Sachin knew that. But Ashraful, who was photographed with him in 1998, did not know that he was the master blaster of India. When Ashraful showed him the picture he had taken so many years ago, Sachin was pleasantly surprised.

Since then, there grew a friendship, a different relationship. Then they played together for Mumbai Indians. Yesterday (Thursday) Ashraful came on YouTube live with renowned sports journalist Noman Mohammad and told the same story.

This story does not end there. Ashraful invited everyone including Sachin Tendulkar, Harbhajan Singh and the then video analyst of Mumbai Indians to his house.

Ashraful made the story very interesting. The protagonist of that story is Sachin. Ashraful, who has been fascinated and thrilled many times by his eye-catching batting on the field, was amazed to see him eating at his home.

Ashraful had the idea that Sachin, who has a well-controlled and orderly character in his personal life, must be eat less. But to his surprise, Sachin ate a lot. The former India captain ate all the items his mother cooked, from bread, polao, rice, fish, meat, vegetables to yogurt and sweets.

Ashraful couldn’t believe it even when he saw the favorite cricket star’s eyes. Ashraful said,

“Believe me, Sachin ate all the items my mother cooked. Then he also ate a lot of yoghurt and sweets. I couldn’t ask Sachin how he could eat so much.”

Ashraful said that at one point Sachin himself said, “I eat less most of the time. I eat a loaf of vegetables. But sometimes I eat. I eat as much as I can on the day when I wish to eat.”

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