Ashwin changes twitter name to raise concern about coronavirus


In the current situation of coronavirus, everyone has the same words – ‘stay at home’. To promote that, Indian all-rounder Ravichandran Ashwin has changed his name on Twitter! His Twitter account is now ‘lets stay indoors India’. Which means, ‘Let’s stay in India.’

Now there is only one ‘enemy’ of the whole world – coronavirus. Everyone is fighting for one. In addition to being clean to prevent infection, everyone is requested to stay at home. Last Sunday there was a 14-hour ‘Janata Curfew’ in India. Lockdown has been made to 80 cities in the country.

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About 500 people have been infected so far in COVID-19 disease, and nine have died. Government of India is quick to stop the procession of trauma and death. Although the crowd responds well to the curfew, many are leaving the house, ignoring the lockdown decision. It has raised a concern in Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He warned that the consequences of taking coronavirus lightly would not be good.

Ashwin’s warning, like the Prime Minister, would be catastrophic if the coronavirus infection went out of control. After changing his name on Twitter, his tweet, “Taking in all information ( both authentic and some seemingly panicky ones) . One thing seems certain “ The next 2 weeks are going to be extremely crucial” . Every city in India should literally feel deserted for the next 2 weeks, cos if this escalates it will be mayhem. #COVID19.”

In the latter part of the tweet, the spinner wrote, “We need to remember we are a densely populated country and a very large part of them don’t have access to information.”

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