Australian athletes criticize PM’s statement about coronavirus


Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison made a statement yesterday evening against coronavirus infection. But the country’s prime minister’s statement did not go well with Australian athletes. They just criticized Morrison badly.

All Australia’s bars and theaters were closed by Monday. Scott Morrison still ordered parlors and salons to be closed to ensure safety. Apart from this, the order was not to have too many people in marriage or at funeral. But when it comes to talking to kids about school. “You can send the kids to school safely,” Morrison said.

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Morrison explains,

“2020 will be difficult. I do not want the interruption in children’s education. This is very important. Children need to make sure that they can study. They cannot be lost to this virus.”

Legendary leg-spinner Shane Warne said on Twitter after the Australian Prime Minister’s speech, “Listening to the PM like everyone here in Aust & what I understood was. It’s essential. Unless it’s not. Then it’s essentially not essential. I can’t be clearer. Plus people can buy a new shirt at a shopping centre ? WTF? PM just had a shocker. Surely should be in lockdown now.”

Warne didn’t stop here. He again commented, “Ps I know it’s impossible to please everyone as PM at the moment, but surely clear rules and lockdown for Australia as of NOW is the only decision – end of. Let’s learn from the mistakes other countries have made. Health has to be the most important thing for everyone !”

Former Australian Football League (AFL) player and star Brendon Fevola tweeted, “Send your kids to school but if someone dies you can only have 10 people attend a funeral no more. That makes sense bloke needs to stop.”

Aaron Finch, Australia’s limited edition captain, also tweeted, “I understand during these unprecedented times what ever the PM says, he will be criticised…. But I’d much rather be criticised for being more proactive than reactive!!”

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