Home News BCB physio urges football practice caution after Saifuddin’s injury

BCB physio urges football practice caution after Saifuddin’s injury

Bangabandhu T20 Cup team Minister Group Rajshahi’s camp have been filled with concerns because of football. Their star all-rounder Mohammad Saifuddin has got injured while practicing football with the team two days before the start of the tournament.

The popularity of football around the world is very high. The name of football is associated with cricket. Before the practice or the start of the match, the cricketers do warm up by playing with the football. However, the number of cricketers who fell in danger for football are not less.

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At the start of this year, England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) banned football in the practice session of national cricket team. England opener Rory Burns ruled out of the tour of South Africa due to an ankle injury which caused by playing football. ECB then banned football in practice.

Demands for a ban on football in practice were raised in Bangladesh cricket also. In 2016, Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) also made some strict rules in 2018. Mushfiqur Rahim got injured while playing football at that time. Nasir Hossain was out for 6 months due to injury while playing football. Mustafizur Rahman also increased the injury danger by playing football.

This time before the start of Bangabandhu T20 Cup, Saifuddin also got injured in football practice session. The injury could be ruled him out for two to three weeks.

BCB chief physician Debashis Chowdhury said, “We’re not seeing the injuries at the moment. These are being monitored by their team physio. The physio informed us that Saifuddin got hurt in the ankle. There is pain outside of the ankle. First aid was given after the injury. The injured ankle will be observed again. Then they will let us know.”

Regarding football practice, he told BDCricTime, “Football is a good game for practice. But here the rules of football have to change a bit. The rules have to be changed slightly unlike traditional football to reduce the injury possibility.”

Whether there’s any thought of banning football in Bangladesh cricket, he said: “Doesn’t football play in our national team? Injuries can happen in the game. But you see, the amount is much lower now than before. Like before, football isn’t considered as competition now rather it’s been taken as fun.”

He also urged the cricketers to stay cautious in the practice. “I think football can be a very good game for practice if you use the changed rules. Now the rules have been told, but the players also have their own thoughts. Simply practice is practice, practice isn’t a competitive match obviously.”

“Practice means warming the body. If you do your best in warm-up, then it won’t be taken simply. This thing must be understood by the players first,” Debashis concluded.

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