BCB provides ‘home fitness program’ for cricketers

The whole cricket world is stagnant due to coronavirus fear. Cricketers are spending time at home. So there is full possibility of losing fitness. So Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has come forward to help them keep fitness.

Cricketers, like athletes, have to stay fit throughout the year. Because a little fat can affect the performance! That’s why, whether playing or not cricketers have to keep fitness all the year.

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But due to coronavirus, from the ground to gymnasium- everything is closed. So it is a little difficult for the cricketers to continue practicing. Cricketers are not getting the benefits, they get from the board for practice. Because of the coronavirus, the board office and Mirpur Stadium have also been closed.

Some cricketers, however, continue exercising at home using personal instruments. This time, the board helps to keep them in a regular routine. BCB has provided fitness maintenance programs for the players which active cricketers can follow as a home fitness program during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Cricketers can continue this fitness program at home. Most importantly, the fitness program doesn’t require any instruments which are related to physical exercise.

BCB provides 'home fitness program' for cricketers


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