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Boxing federation’s election battle reaches Delhi high court; both sides claim ruling favoured them | Boxing News

NEW DELHI: Boxing Federation of India’s (BFI) election battle has reached the Delhi High Court’s doorsteps. Uttar Pradesh Amateur Boxing Association (UPABA) has filed a writ petition, seeking the court’s intervention to direct the incumbent Ajay Singh-led BFI to conduct its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and elections by December 31, 2020.
The court heard the matter on Friday. Both the Singh-led BFI, and the opposition camp, which owes its allegiance to former Maharashtra education, sports and social welfare minister, Ashish Shelar, who has thrown his hat in the ring for the president’s post, came up with their own interpretation of the court’s hearing and claimed victory.
The press release from the BFI’s official media communication team stated that the court refused to grant any stay on the Emergent Meeting, called by the BFI president on December 24, for extending the term of the current office bearers by three to six months. Titling their release as “Big blow for camp opposing BFI president”, the official communication read: “Delhi High Court today did not grant any stay on the emergent meeting called by the BFI President for extending the term of office bearers from 3-6 months. The Hon’ble Court refused to grant a stay on the meeting scheduled for December 24 for which notice was issued by the President BFI. In the Petition filed by UP Amateur Boxing Association, the Petitioner had sought to conduct BFI elections before 31.12.2020. As an interim prayer, Petitioner had asked to put stay on the emergent meeting scheduled on 24.12.2020. The Hon’ble Court did not grant stay on the said meeting and has posted the matter on 10.01.2021, said Parth Goswami, advocate appearing for the BFI (instructed by the President). The emergent meeting of BFI will now be held as scheduled. Advocate Hrishikesh Baruah along with Parth Goswami opposed the petition on behalf of BFI (instructed by President). BFI Elections were postponed on the recommendation of the Returning Officer. It was argued by Advocate Baruah that this recommendation of returning officer was based on the request of a majority of state associations on account of Covid -19 pandemic.”
Another press release from the opposition camp titled their press release as “Court refuses to give extension to BFI executive council, directs federation to hold elections expeditiously”. The release stated that the court directed the BFI to complete the entire electoral process expeditiously.
“Taking up the Uttar Pradesh boxing association’s petition against president Ajay Singh’s unilateral decision to postpone the elections after the ball had been set rolling, the court ruled that it could not allow this, especially as the federation faces the risk of being de-recognised by the Government of India for not adhering to the National Sports Code. As per the directive of the sports ministry, every sports federation must adhere to the Sports Code and also complete their elections before December 31, 2020,” read the release on behalf of the opposition camp.
Quoting advocate Shohit Chaudhry, who appeared for the UP boxing association, the release further read: “The court refused to give an extension to the office-bearers for three to six months as they were seeking by citing COVID fears, and stated that elections can be held through E-Voting. Any decision taken in the EGM on December 24 shall be subject to the outcome of the Petition. The Court has asked the BFI to provide an Election Schedule by January 10, 2021 (Chaudhary as quoted in the release).”
The BFI had called for an AGM to conduct the elections on December 18 and had even appointed a Returning Officer (Retd. Judge Rajesh Tandon) to oversee the process according to the constitution. But on the last date for filing nominations, the incumbent postponed the elections.