Cricket tournament hit by coronavirus

The ongoing epidemic of coronavirus, which has already caused more than 2,800 deaths, has now hit cricket too, as three teams have pulled out of the 2020 Asian Cricket Council (ACC) Eastern Regional T20 tournament commencing on Saturday in Bangkok, Thailand.

The three teams to have withdrawn from the tournament due to the coronavirus outbreak are Myanmar, Bhutan and China.

This is a very important tournament for the Asian region of cricket, as two toppers from this tournament are scheduled to meet the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the ACC Asia Cup qualifier in August.

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Besides this is also the first official T20I men’s cricket tournament to be held in Thailand, and so the host nation was expecting to stage it in a grand scale.

All the matches of the tournament are scheduled to take place at the Terdthai Cricket Ground in Bangkok.

Now, due to the pulling out of three teams, the tournament will be played between hosts Thailand, Nepal, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore only.

Meanwhile the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has informed that they will take “precautionary measures” despite being confident that coronavirus will not threaten their upcoming tour of Sri Lanka.

“To our knowledge, there is only one reported case of the virus in Sri Lanka, less than the UK, and it is not considered a high-risk country for further spread of the virus. Nevertheless, this will be constantly monitored, and ECB will liaise with local health sources on an ongoing basis,” said ECB.

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