De Villiers expresses uncertainty over his T20 World Cup return

The T20 World Cup in Australia is expected to be held from October 18 to November 15. That means the World Cup is still six months away. But South Africa’s AB de Villiers, popularly known as ‘Mr 360’, thinks that it will be suspended due to coronavirus.

Many events around the world have already been postponed or canceled due to the COVID-19 virus.

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De Villiers is also expected to play in this 20-over World Cup. That’s why he had talked about it recently in an interview with the Afrikaans weekly Rapport. The 36-year-old said he did not want South Africa to rely upon him because he did not know what his body would look like in the next six months.

“Six months later I can’t see the future right now. If the tournament goes back and forth next year, a lot will change. Now it seems I can play. But my body cannot tell how it will respond or whether I will be fit,”

De Villiers said.

“I’ll have to do the trials and show Boucher I’m still good enough. I thought I could play a little role but now I feel myself I can’t walk into the field. I’m really afraid of promises and false assurances.”

De Villiers has the ‘scary’ thing coming to mind which happened before the World Cup 2019. He left the captaincy of limited-overs cricket at 2017, and announced his retirement from all editions the following year. But just before the World Cup, he wanted to play the World Cup. The selectmen did not listen to him and rejected his offer in a derogatory manner. South Africa did very bad performance at the World Cup and then a little sympathy was about to build in South African cricket for him.

Eventually, Mark Boucher relayed De Villiers back to South Africa to play the T20 World Cup late last year. However, De Villiers wanted to return to the squad without proving himself, “If I’m 100 percent of what I expect, I’ll be ready to play. If it doesn’t, I won’t go. I am not a person to play with 80 percent of myself. Still, I have to show Boucher that I’m still good enough.”

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