Dhawan is cleaning toilet in home quarantine days


India national cricket team opener Shikhar Dhawan is cleaning the toilet. Anyone who listens to this will become shocked at first but this hard-hitter left handed batsman is doing the same.

The entire India lock-down for 21 days in fear of coronavirus. During this time, cricketers of the country are giving different messages to the common people.

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The Indo-South Africa ODI series has been postponed. Indian Premier League (IPL) is also underway in suspension. Dhawan was supposed to make a comeback in the South Africa series after injury. However, Dhawan is now in self-quarantine keeping himself busy with household chores.

Ravichandran Ashwin has changed his name on Twitter ‘Lets stay indoors India’. Likewise, Shikhar Dhawan is helping at home in this quarantine time.

Starting from washing clothes to cleaning the toilet. Dhawan is doing all. Meanwhile, wife Ayesha Mukherjee is busy with make-up.

A video has been shared on social media. In the video, Dhawan is seen cleaning the clothes at the bathtub. While wife Ayesha is standing in front of the mirror doing make-ups. Later, Ayesha directs Dhawan in between talk in the phone in a formal manner. Dhawan is also cleaning the toilet as his wife says.

Dhawan has tweeted, “Life after one week at home. Reality hits hard.”

Watch the full video here-

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