DJ Bravo releases song on coronavirus awareness

The outbreak of the deadly coronavirus is worldwide. Multiple countries are in lockdown. In this time of crisis, DJ Bravo, the singer of the popular song ‘champion’, has revealed the horrific situation of the whole world due to coronavirus through a song.

The star cricketer also prayed for the people with the song. The song is titled We Not Giving Up, a glimpse of which was shared by the cricketer-musician on his Instagram account.

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“We Not Giving Up! So my fans been asking me to do a Corona we all know this is a very sad moment for us all and times like this we have to stick together and fight this battle.this is just a sample of what I’m working on #NotGivingUp,”

DJ Bravo captioned the photo.

Now is the bad time … Everyone needs help, everything in the world is closed, airports are closed! No fan coming to the field. This epidemic has ruined all happiness. Once Ebola comes, this time Corona. Big disaster! Now is the time for us to be one … We are not giving up, we want to see the end of it – this is how DJ Bravo sings about the whole world in the fight against coronavirus.

Even in his songs, it’s stated that white-black, rich-poor, Muslim-Hindu-Christian, corona does not hurt anyone, we are all human! We’re not giving up.

Watch the full video here-

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