ECB to host cricket matches behind closed doors despite coronavirus fear

The whole world is stagnant with coronavirus fears and silence in sports. All kinds of sports events are suspended. However, in such circumstances, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) is planning to start playing soon.

All cricket has been postponed until May 28, but the English board is thinking of organizing a quick match after the suspension. There is a debate on whether a match can be played in field using the coronavirus check point and isolation unit behind closed doors.

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ECB’s event director Steve Elworthy told ‘The Guardian’ they are looking for a way to get the game back behind closed doors. Arrangements will also be made to confirm the identity of anyone in the vicinity of the virus. “We are looking into whether close door matches can be organized,” he said.

Although there will be empty galleries, but there have to be many people involved in various activities including field staff, broadcasting organization, match official in organizing a match. But the British government had banned any such gathering in the direction given before the lockdown. As a result, the ECB will have to consider various issues even if they are going to host a close door match.

In this regard, Elworthy said,

“You have to get a job done with a certain number of people. You should also think about the restrictions on medical services. It should be safe in a sterile environment around the field so that anyone who comes will be safe.”

This year, England was scheduled to host the West Indies, Australia, Pakistan and Ireland. On the other hand, the tour of England to South Africa and India was also finalized.

Elworthy added, “We are now thinking about all the issues. The risks that are coming up may increase. And if that’s not what you’re asking for, it’s not possible. In that case, the plan will be finalized as soon as possible.”

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