England cricket captain signs up as volunteer to fight coronavirus

The whole world is trembling with coronavirus fear. In such a situation, Heather Knight has decided to stand directly in front of the people of her country. She led the country in the Women’s Twenty20 World Cup, which ended months ago.

Heather has been named as a volunteer for the National Health Service (NHS) to deal with the coronavirus situation.

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Heather herself stated this in a BBC column. In that column, she wrote,

“Since I have a lot of leisure time in my hand, I enrolled myself as a volunteer at the NHS. I will do my best to help everyone. My brother and his partner are both doctors. I have some friends who work in the NHS. So I know how hard they are working and how difficult the situation is right now.”

Heather Knight also added, “It was extraordinary to applause for service providers standing at the door. Now enrolling as a volunteer will give me more opportunities. I will do everything in the car, as I have been told about drug delivery. In addition, if anyone is bored alone at home, I have been told to give mental courage to them.”

However, in England, there are more than 17,000 confirmed cases for coronavirus and at least 1,019 people have died.

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