Home News Ex-England cricketer reveals how KP bullied him

Ex-England cricketer reveals how KP bullied him

Former England batsman James Taylor has revealed how Kevin Pietersen used to bully and abuse him when he broke into the English Test squad in 2012.

According to the ex-England star, Pietersen “took it on himself not to be a decent bloke” to him.

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“It kind of just blew up around me. It was an interesting time. It was a bit bizarre seeing some of the antics going on on the field from certain individuals but that was all I knew, that was Test cricket to me,” said Taylor, who made his debut in the second Test of a highly controversial series against South Africa.

“I was so focussed and introverted I didn’t really look and bother about what was going on. I kind of kept my head down, little old me, debut, lots of rubbish flying on around me, but I didn’t notice. If I’m going to be honest, I didn’t notice a lot of it. It was only six months later I knew a number of things that went on,” he added while speaking on the Giving the Game Away podcast.

With No.1 Test ranking on the line, Pietersen became embroiled in the infamous ‘textgate’ scandal after he had allegedly messaged his friends in the South Africa dressing room to give them tips on how to get the England captain Andrew Strauss out.

Strauss retired from international cricketer after the completion of the series while Pietersen was dropped for the final game. But before that, Pietersen had played an epic 149-run innings. On his way, he shared a partnership worth 147 runs with the debutant Taylor, with the later having a contribution of 34 runs in it.

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