Greedy businessmen are real virus of the country: Rubel Hossain


As the nations around the globe have been passing hard times fighting with coronavirus pandemic, Bangladesh are facing challenges to protect general people from the infectious disease.

Bangladesh are statistically the most densely populated country on earth. Any crisis here could evoke real struggle for the people as well as the government.

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In the wake of the disease, the personal sanitizing materials has becoming more and more costly. The national team fast bowler Rubel Hossain intensely criticized the businessmen for their aim to make extra profit by exploiting general people even in this crisis situation.

He termed them (businessmen) as the ‘real coronavirus’ of the society. On Saturday, Rubel made his statement in the social media terming the nation as ‘greedy and ruthless’.

“We are a greedy and ruthless nation,” said Rubel.

“China went through a severe crisis recently but the manufacturers there had reduced the price of the masks, because they are human. Whereas with us, the moment we heard about corona, the mask worth Taka 5 is now being sold for taka 50. Mask of taka 20 is now ascended to taka 100 or 150. Because we are greedy people,” the right-arm pacer added.

Rubel remember the real heroes of the country: 

In recent times, the price of the face masks, hand sanitizers and even food items have been in price hike. Rubel remembered the real heroes of the country who fought for the nation’s freedom and questioned the general moral standard of today’s businessmen.

“In such desperate times I remember those heroes who fought together to get us freedom. But today despite being under a crisis we are not being able to stand as one. Why?,’

said he.

“Price of mask, sanitizers and regular items in the market is increasing. Damn to those greedy, profiteer businessmen who are creating artificial crisis. They are the actual coronavirus of the country,” Rubel concluded.

So far till Saturday afternoon, Bangladesh registered 24 coronavirus cases of which two lost their lives. Coronavirus has infected about 275,871 people across the world till to date.

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