ICC Women’s Championship canceled, India qualify for World Cup

The India-Pakistan series was supposed to take place between July to November last year. Although the neighboring countries have a series of matches in the ICC Women’s Championship calendar, it has not been organized in political hostility.

Coronavirus has been set in the meantime, which is why the rest of the championship fight has been canceled.

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Since the series of India-Pakistan women’s team has not been organized, the points have been divided equally between the two groups. This is where the gains have been made for the Indian girls. Sharing points, they have gone straight to the ODI World Cup in 2021.

Eight countries have played one-on-one matches with each other in the Championship Calendar from 2017-2020. In the minimum three-match series, four teams have been selected for 2021 World Cup on the basis of points. Those who have found a direct place with the host New Zealand in the biggest competition of girls cricket.

South Africa – Australia and New Zealand – Sri Lanka were expected to face the final round of the championship. The Indo-Pakistan series was in the sixth round, the schedule was between July to November in 2019. But the two-country board could not host the three-match one-day series.

India was the host of this series. But they did not play with the neighboring country without getting clearance from the government. The technical committee split the points between the two teams as the championship was finally canceled for coronavirus pandemic.

Australia (37 points), England (29), South Africa (25) and the India (23) have earned their place in women’s ODI World Cup with New Zealand. Pakistan, West Indies and Sri Lanka, who are at the bottom of the points table, will have to cross the selection barrier to play in the World Cup.

Five places in the eight-team World Cup are already full. For the remaining three places, two full members of the ICC- Bangladesh and Ireland will fight with these three teams. Five regional champions – Thailand (Asia), Zimbabwe (Africa), Papua New Guinea (East Asia Pacific), United States (Americans) and the Netherlands (Europe) will also play in the selection phase to be held in Sri Lanka from July 3 to 19 this year.

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