‘If you are busy with hairstyles then quit cricket and go to the cinema’

With the modernization of cricket, the glamor has increased. Nowadays cricketers are now more aware of their game as well as their clothing and style. It is often seen that cricketers fix their hair in the field.

Former Pakistan captain and Javed Miandad, one of the best batsmen in the country doesn’t like this at all. According to him, cricketers should be busy with their own game only on the cricket field.

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The former Pakistani cricketer has asked those players to be signed in the movie to show the hairstyle or clothing. In a video on his YouTube channel, Miandad said,

“Emerging cricketers should never think about hairstyles or anything else. If they have to do it then it would be better for them to sign in the movie.”

Referring to his own time, Miandad added, “We never thought about how we would look in the field. However, after the match you can do whatever you want. An athlete is a teenager’s role model. They do what they see themselves doing. So cricketers should think before doing anything with thinking their own little fanbase.”

At the same time, Miandad has provided some suggestions for the younger generation of cricketers. “Young cricketers should enjoy themselves on time at the pitch,” he said. “It is not desirable to send a wicket in a cheap way. The same is true for bowlers. The line and the length should be consistent.”

Javed Miandad had a very prosperous career. He has played for almost 21 years since making his debut against the West Indies in 1975. He scored 8,832 runs in 124 Tests and 7,381 in 233 ODIs. Miandad has scored more than 42,000 runs in all forms of cricket and scored 93 centuries.

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