I’m a very proud black man & no other human can make me feel less: Sammy

Former West Indies skipper Darren Sammy insisted that he is a proud man to be among the black community and nothing will made him feel less. The former skipper urged that the racism should be talked and raise awareness to eradicate the mental disease from every aspects of the society.

There has been a lot of controversary and criticism after a black guy called George Floyd was killed in USA under the chocking of a white police. In the meantime, there were protest about the the importance of black lives and the prolonged hatred of racism in the society.

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After the black lives matter movement came to light , some cricketrs also opened about the racism they were victim to while playing cricket. Skipper Darren Sammy was the prominent cricketer who came up with serious allegations of racism in cricket.

“If there’s an issue I’ve been affected or my team has been affected, I will stand up and speak about it. Some people are not as brave as others and that’s why those who are, should be a voice for those who cannot be heard,” Sammy told IANS.

“I think it’s a massive and an important subject that needs to be discussed. Because it’s not about institutional or systemic racism, it’s one-on-one where people of colour get the racial slurs being thrown at them. I think it’s about time that we really take the bull by the horns. We need to try to eradicate it because every human being deserves to be treated equally,” he added.

“I am a very proud black man. And there is no way any human being could make me feel less than other human being. I am not saying that treat us highly but treat black people as equals. But still, we have to continue to channel in the fight on the cause against racism,” he added.

The former West Indies skipper further urged International Cricket Council (ICC) to formulate rules and regulations to eradicate racism from cricket arena.

“I think there should be some education. I said once all the emphasis that ICC puts on anti-corruption, the same type of energy should be put on for anti-racism and educate the players about racism.”

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