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Ireland could host Pakistan T20Is in England but Test opportunities remain limited

Cricket Ireland is considering hosting an international series in England this summer. The most likely option is the T20I series game against Pakistan.

Ireland has a full home schedule in 2021, including 16 limited races. You won’t be able to use any of their four home locations and it is unlikely that Clontarf will be ready to accept international cricket once the course is renovated. While exploring their alternatives, they have negotiated with the ECB to host the games in English.

Ireland intended to host the T20I series against Bangladesh at four different locations across the country last summer before the Covid pandemic wrecked their home international season.

They have home matches against Pakistan (two T20I), South Africa (three ODI, three T20I) and Zimbabwe (three ODI, five T20I) in 2021.

Pakistan matches – postponed since last summer – must be played before their UK tour in July and is the game most likely to be delayed.

“Our international competition next summer is quite close,” said Richard Holdsworth, director of Ireland’s most effective cricket. “We will all use our international lines elsewhere and for this reason we will not have a place to play every game at home. So we spoke with the ECB about the possibility [of having a match in England].

“The only team out of the three that will play against England is Pakistan. So it looks like the clearest draw that can be played there. We are still waiting to hear about the fixtures, the availability of the pitch and the question of who they are on our board and worthy. financially The sales team can unsubscribe, there is only a little time, but it seems possible.

Irish Cricket has not discussed the possibility with the circuit board, which expects at least one heater to be installed against the county in early July. Pakistan will take part in the Asian Cup in June. The date is not certain.

After failing in 2020, during which the men’s international team played only 12 games, the most recent of which was their win in England on 4 August, Ireland’s schedule is much more crowded this year with seven ODIs – four against the UAE, three against Afghanistan – to be played in Abu Dhabi this month. Team A, Irish Wolves, will then travel to Bangladesh for an extended tour starting in February, which will include four-day matches, five one-day races and two T20 races.

The suspended tour in Zimbabwe is scheduled for April, although that appears to be called into question after another national blockade that saw Zimbabwe cricket halt all cricket activities earlier this week. Then from late May to early June in the Netherlands it is planned a series of three World Cup matches for the Super League in the Netherlands, which will lead to the home summer.

There’s still a chance the ill-fated Euro T20 helmet could be brought back to life. Irish cricket remains convinced that the concept of a tri-national franchise tournament with teams from Ireland, Scotland and the Netherlands is feasible. However, after two delays, this might be desirable. This is followed by the T20 World Championship in India after the end of the home season.

While 2021 looks significantly busier in format with the white ball, Ireland is unlikely to play another test until they are painted in a disposable body that is reset in Sri Lanka in December. Ireland intimidated England by scoring 85 points in their last Test in July 2019 but they have not played fit since then. Irish and ECB cricket discussed a possible test in June, but at that point New Zealand was more likely to take a walk in that window.

“Playing home tests is very expensive without permanent infrastructure,” said Holsworth. “We have to look strategically at what we can do with the money we have and the three World Championships in White Ball over the next three years. That’s what we will focus on.”

“We could spend half a million euros on a home test, but what about?” If we insist on going to the World Testing Championship and there is a chance for promotion, there will be a completely different justification, but right now there is no context for our cricket testing. “”

Andy Balbirney, captain of Ireland in All Forms, admitted it was “disappointing” that he had no more chances since his Trials status in 2017 after only three races in those three and a half years.

“My last top notch game was Test at Lord’s, which is incredible,” Balbirni told ESPNcricinfo in an interview scheduled for release this week. “There’s nothing we can do as players. I’ll look back at my career and maybe a little disappointed because when I get close to the top, I don’t have the chance to play at the highest level.”

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