Home News Jaffer trolls Sri Lankan fan who’s jealous of IPL’s success

Jaffer trolls Sri Lankan fan who’s jealous of IPL’s success

Former Indian cricketer Wasim Jaffer has been a busy man on social media nowadays. Every now and then, he comes up with interesting opinions on the sport. Besides chipping with opinions  he also spends some time interacting with his fans and followers.

At times, some fans tend to cross their limits by asking strange questions to the former cricketer. However, Jaffer knows how to deal with these sort of questions. Whenever he come across silly questions on Twitter, Jaffer has silenced them in the form of hilarious memes.

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Recently, the former Indian cricketer has been communicating only with memes which left the fans in stitches. Jaffer’s antics has not only entertained the fans but also formed a separate fanbase too. Fans are eagerly waiting for Jaffer’s tweets as they rate his tweets as a medium of entertainment.

He plied his trade as the batting coach of Kings XI Punjab franchise in the thirteenth edition of the IPL. In the recently-concluded IPL, he amusingly used to express his team’s efforts through memes.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, all marquee events like T20 World Cup and Asia Cup has been cancelled in order to make way for the lucrative Indian Premier League.

Wasim Jaffer hilariously trolls a Sri Lankan fan 

Meanwhile, a Sri Lankan fan expressed his frustration on Twitter adding that IPL disturbed the 2020 calendar. As he was  jealous of IPL’s success, Wasim Jaffer hilariously trolled the fan through a rib-tickling meme. His post went viral in no time on Twitter.

“T20 WC, Asia Cup & many Intl’s got scrapped to create window for the controversy-hit Indian domestic T20 league from Sep to Nov 2020. Again Intl’s will be halted for 2 months in 1st half of 2021 for same league. Halting World Test Championship during both occasions unacceptable,” the fan’s tweet read.

Jaffer replied with a meme that reads: ‘Tell me again how you know everything’.

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