Javed Miandad apologises to PM Imran Khan for serious allegations

Pakistan’s World Cup-winning captain Imran Khan is now the country’s prime minister. As a former star cricketer, Imran has adapted the country’s cricket arena to his liking. However, another former captain Javed Miandad was very angry at this. After taking a dig to Imran , Miandad remained silent even though there was a lot of discussion and criticism. However, he recently apologized for the previous statement.

Miandad alleged that those whom Imran had appointed to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) did not have the minimum cricket knowledge. Miandad even complained that Imran did not give priority to Pakistanis.

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However, the PCB recently appointed Miandad’s sister’s son Faisal Iqbal as the coach of the domestic team. This has softened the melody of Miandadera. The former cricketer has apologized directly.

Miandad said, “If I have offended anyone, I apologise for my words, especially to the prime minister because I was angry about Pakistan’s performance in the first Test against England,” he said. “I have full respect for the prime minister and Pakistan cricket fans all over the world.”

Miandad slammed Imran for his performance in the Pakistan national team. He also said that Imran is destroying Pakistan cricket. However, Miandad lamented and apologized for that too.

Miandad said in a video message that most of the people in charge of Pakistan cricket do not know the basics of the sport. Miandad also claimed in the video that he would personally discuss with Imran to remove them and give responsibility to suitable people. In particular, the Miandas were outraged against Wasim Khan, a British Pakistani national and CEO of the PCB. Due to unsubstantiated comments

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