Kohli sledged Compton for chatting with his ex-girlfriend


Anushka Sharma is the first love of Kohli’s life. Many will say maybe not. Virat Kohli has been involved in many relationships before. And all those relationships were not kept secret.

On the contrary, sometimes Virat’s activities have informed all about those relationships. Then in 2013 Anushka Sharma came into his life. Since then, Kohli’s life has changed.


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The Indian captain has repeatedly said from different stages that he has changed since Anushka came into his life. Anushka has helped him to be more restrained than before. So before Anushka he was not serious about any relationship. Is that so? English cricketer Nick Compton’s claim sparked a lot of new speculation.

Compton, a former English cricketer speaking on the Edges and Sledges Cricket Podcast claims that he once chatted with one of Kohli’s ex-girlfriends. And after knowing that, Kohli threatened him. Compton also claimed that Kohli used to throw words to him when he played a Test series in England in 2012. And everything was done in the field.

Nick says,

“I definitely got a few words from Virat Kohli during the series. I think I bumped into his ex-girlfriend at the time before the series when out for an evening with Kevin Pietersen and myself, Yuvraj Singh … all of us were there, and she was there.

“I just chatted to her and the word got back that I was speaking to her, and I don’t think Virat Kohli was very happy with that. He had a few words to say to me every time I walked out to bat. He was trying to say that it was his girlfriend, and she was saying that it was her ex-boyfriend. It was like, ‘Who’s got the story right here,’ you know what I mean?”

Everything changed when Anushka Sharma came into Kohli’s life in 2013. After that, no new relationship was heard with Virat. Four years later, in 2017, Virat and Anushka tied the knot. Even now Virushka is one of the most popular couples in India. And so now maybe no one would like to deal with the life of Virat Kohli. Virat himself may have erased these relationships from his mind.

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