Kumble opposes idea of four-day Test Cricket

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has been thinking of bringing Test cricket into four days from five days to save the longest format of the game. Former India cricketer and head coach Anil Kumble is not in favor of doing Test cricket in four days.

Test cricket has been failed again and again to attract spectators as before. As well as diminishing the audience on the field, the interest in Test cricket has diminished. People are looking at short-lived entertainment rather than wasting time on cricket. Due to this apathies, the popularity of T20 is increasing day by day.

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Because of this, ICC had thought of bringing Test cricket in five days to four days during this period. But Kumble sang against it. He himself was once chairman of the ICC Cricket Committee. Kumble said the issue of four-day cricket came into the discussion, but its future was not considered.

“Cricketers are not even looking for a four-day Test,” Kumble said.

“Five-day Test is what it is. And a Test it is because it is five days. If it was four days, it wouldn’t be a Test. I am very clear on that. This was discussed a few years ago in the ICC Cricket Committee. It does not seem to have been decided to make things compulsory.”

The cricketers of the present era have opposed the four-day Test. That is what Kumble sees as a positive. As a part of examine, four-day Test was played in South Africa, Zimbabwe, England and Ireland. But Kumble does not see any need to come down from five days to four days.

“In South Africa and Zimbabwe, four-day Tests were played to test the new structure,” Kumble said. “England played against Ireland. But the ICC Cricket Committee and the ICC do not seem to have any plans for a four-day Test. I think cricketers are talking about a five-day Test.”

ICC decided to hold a day-night Test to boost its popularity in Test cricket. Already, several day-night Test matches have been organized. ICC’s new decision has had a huge response in the cricket audience. However, the issue of the four-day Test may be discussed again at the next ICC board meeting.

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