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Live Stream | Tyson vs Jones Fight Info | How to Watch Online, Date, Time, Venue | Boxing Exhibition Match 28 Nov 2020 Live | YouTube TV

The craze is growing up and up. Boxing fans are becoming crazy. There is no limit now. Boxing fans all over the world are waiting with extreme enthusiasm and fervor. The joy to see and watch the fight between two heavyweights is unaccepted and unbelievable.

Tyson vs Jones Fight Live

About Craze: an enthusiasm for a particular activity or object which appears suddenly and achieves widespread but short-lived popularity.

What is Craze? Boxing Craze

Fight info

  • Date: November 28th, 2020
  • Prelims Time: 8 PM ET
  • Main Card Time: 9 PM ET
  • Location: Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Event Type: Pay-Per-View

Live Stream: Watch Live

How To Watch Tyson vs Jones Online?

Lot of streaming options available which is completely PPV. Check out BT Sport Box Office in UK, Main Event in Australia and TysonOnTriller.com.

PPV Price?


What’s the Mike Tyson vs Roy Purse Payout?

The fight between Tyson and Jones is expected to generate a huge payout for the two fighters, namely $10 million each. They’ll also get 50% off the PPV sales if the sales are higher than expected.

Tyson has already said that his purse money will go to charity.

Where Can I Watch Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. in the US?

If you’re watching on regular cable, you can get the pay-per-view event through your cable or satellite provider since most carry the event. If you want to watch the event online, you should head over to TysonOnTriller.com or FITE.TV. You can get the PPV event from this same location, from over 100 countries.

Triller is available on Android and iOS, and you can also watch on your browser.

Tyson vs Jones Boxing Fight Live Stream UK US Australia India Japan, France England, Africa, Asia Europe Russia China Brazil Argentina

How to Watch Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. in Canada?

  • Time: 9 PM ET
  • Price: $49.99
  • Where: FITE.TV and PPV

Same as in the United States, in Canada, people can buy the PPV via their local TV provider, including Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, DirecTV, Dish, SaskTel, Shaw, Bell, Videotron, Rogers, and more.

How to Watch Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. in Australia?

  • Time: 1 PM AEDT (main card)
  • Price: $59.95
  • Where: Foxtel and Kayo

Tyson vs Jones Boxing Fight Live

In Australia, the Tyson vs. Jones fight can be enjoyed live via the Main Event channel for Foxtel viewers. Kayo subscribers can also visit the PPV website and add the event to their subscription.

How to Watch Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. in the United Kingdom?

  • Time: 1 AM GMT
  • Price: £19.95
  • Where: BT Sport Box Office 2

British boxing fans can get to watch the Tyson vs. Jones fight by paying for it on BT Sport Box Office 2. You should expect to wait a few hours before the main event actually starts.

Why You Should Not Try Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. Live Stream Reddit?

After receiving thousands of takedown requests, Reddit banned r/nbastreams r/soccerstreams & and last year’s NFL. So, it will if viewers wish to watch Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Live Stream Reddit that will be a joke.

This is not possible to get valid or legal ways to watch this PPV event on Reddit.

If you are a real fan of Mikes or Roy, you shouldn’t waste your money or time today.

Mike Tyson Bio & Record

  • Name: Mike Tyson
  • Nickname: Iron Mike
  • Birthday: June 30th, 1966
  • Nationality: American
  • Category: Heavyweight
  • Height: 5’10”
  • Reach: 71 inches
  • Total Fights: 58
  • Boxing Record: 50-6-2 (44 KOs)
  • Pro Boxer: 1985 – 2005

Live Stream | Tyson vs Jones Fight Info | How to Watch Online, Date, Time, Venue | Boxing Exhibition Match 28 Nov 2020 Live | YouTube TV

Roy Jones Jr. Bio & Record

  • Name: Roy Levesta Jones Jr.
  • Nickname: Superman
  • Birthday: January 16, 1969
  • Nationality: American & Russian
  • Category: Heavyweight
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Reach: 74 inches
  • Total Fights: 75
  • Boxing Record: 66-9-0 (47 KOs)
  • Pro Boxer: 1989 – 2018
Tyson vs Jones Boxing Fight Live Stream UK US Australia India Japan, France England, Africa, Asia Europe Russia China Brazil Argentina
Tyson vs Jones Boxing Fight Live Stream UK US Australia India Japan, France England, Africa, Asia Europe Russia China Brazil Argentina

Fight Card

Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. Main Card

 Where it’s happening?

Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California will host the biggest boxing event.

The shots have been fired:https://29df2da9fbe32af31334589c559ea73f.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

So it’s time to set ready for Tyson vs Jones fight on 28th November 2020. Mike Tyson is the undisputed bad boy of sports. Known for his on and off-the-ring theatrics and ferociousness, Mike Tyson has made quite a name and fame for himself. Or should we say The Iron Mike Tyson has been infamous for his savage wickedness and his life’s moments that have practically made him a favorite of the media, news channels, and paparazzis.

Tyson vs Jones Boxing Fight Live

Whether it be playing himself in The Hangover, notoriously biting off an opponent and greatest rival Evander Holyfield’s ear, having his own reality show on Animal Planet or losing his daughter in a tragic accident; his career might have ended in 2005 but the spotlight refuses to shy away from him.

The death-defying and exhilarating journey of a life that is always so close to scandals and injury is revving up again as The Iron prepares to pit himself against one of the legendary pugilists of recent times Roy Jones Jr.

This has caused the sports fans to be nothing less than pumped as both the strikingly valiant combat pros are stepping out of retirement and donning their boxing gloves to clash against each other in, what is being said, as one of the greatest-ever bouts in combat sports history.

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones online coverage

The build-up:

The Iron- Mike Tyson, who is now 54, hasn’t had a professional bout since 2005 when he retired from the world of pro-boxing. He has announced that he will step up in the ring for one final time in an exhibition bout lasting 8 rounds against the legendary American boxer Roy Jones Jr who is 51 himself and hasn’t had a taste of pro-boxing since 2018.

Though Mike Tyson has made it clear that a vast majority of the proceedings that he will earn from this bout will go to charities, legends like George Foreman feel that both the superstars are unnecessarily stepping out of their retirement as this fight has the potential to hurt them badly. 

The bizarre rules of the fight:

As the iconic boxers level up against one another, boxing fans have been quite intrigued why Tyson chose Roy Jones Jr. as his opponent. Maybe because the ring-baddie, who suffered back to back losses leading to his retirement in 2005, is set to redeem his reputation against an opponent who ended his career in 2018 with a four-match winning streak.

Or simply because Iron Mike loves playing with fire. Either way, the rules that these boxers have to abide by are bizarre and have flabbergasted the entire sporting community. 

September 12 is the date when this epic showdown will occur at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California. But the rules dictate that Tyson and Jones Jr. won’t be using any headgear for the fight and will be lacing up 12-ounce gloves. No judge will be present to score their fight and so it comes down to the fact that this fight will witness a winner through a knockout (KO) or a technical knockout (TKO).

The CSAC Executive Director Andy Foster also declared that if one of the fighters was deemed unfit to continue, the match could come to an end. However, sports fans might be upset because the rules of the fight also state that the match might end prematurely if either one of the fighters sustains a cut.

Therefore, with the chances of ending prematurely, the bout has a prospect of selling billions of pay-per-views and is highly lucrative for the pro-boxing community as well. https://29df2da9fbe32af31334589c559ea73f.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

Why isn’t this bout going to be something regular?

Iron Mike has been contemplating the launch of his new venture. Touted the “Legends only League”, this sports venture will see to it that professional sports stars and athletes in their individual sports compete against one another under this unified banner.

According to sports pundits, this league has tremendous potential to create some of the best moments in sporting history and create a few of the choicest showdowns, epic competitions, live events broadcasting, and a flurry of products marketed all around the globe. 

The showdown between Tyson and Jones Jr. is going to kickstart that league of such a magnitude with about that is befitting its nature. The California State Athletic Commission is going to license Tyson and Jones Jr.

for this match and has clearly stated that this boxing match is going to be unlike any other. Though the history of exhibition bouts and pre-season boxing matches has been quite gory, CSAC Executive Director Andy Foster claims that this will not be one of them as he guarantees that the fighters will not engage with each other in a view to bite each other’s head off. 

The revised rules of this particular bout include the authority of the referee to call off the match if the entire fight or any of the fighters stray beyond the boundaries of the competitive boxing exhibition. Both the boxers have to submit the reports of medical tests authenticated by the CSAC for boxers over the age of 40.

Though practice clips show Tyson to be in magnificent shape and it is widely known that Jones Jr. has been training with Chris Eubank Jr. since his last professional fight, emergency medical guidelines have been established and these two need to comply with those.

The CSAC has proclaimed that adhering to these emergency medical guidelines will help this contact sport to decelerate the transmission of COVID-19 and hence both the fighters need to present their medical documents which are in agreement with these norms. 


The undercard match that leads to the main bout will commence at 2 am BST, whereas the exhibition bout is set to take the stage between 4 am and 5 am BST. Though it will not be televised on any television channel in the UK, social media broadcasting will be up for grabs. 

Like most of the other popular applications, the Triller app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and is compatible with every mobile device.

Tyson vs Jones Boxing Fight Live

Though it is still unclear how the Triller app will be live-streaming the exhibition match and whether it can be viewed on a television or cast on it through the app, it is already known that the entire sporting community is raring to witness this spectacle of a live event where two towering combatants collide in the ultimate battle of the millennium. 

Check full fight preview here.

Mike Tyson vs Jones Boxing Fight Live Stream UK US Australia India Japan, France England, Africa, Asia Europe Russia China Brazil Argentina
Mike Tyson vs Jones Boxing Fight Live Stream UK US Australia India Japan, France England, Africa, Asia Europe Russia China Brazil Argentina

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Live Stream Channels

When the epic clash was announced, it made headlines all over the world as sporting communities started anticipating vehemently about the match. Since the times of the pandemic has limited the world of sports and set a stringent boundary between the sports stars and the spectators, it was understood that people would have to enjoy the thrills that this bout has to offer from a safe distance.

The eight-round pay-per-view showdown is going to be broadcast on the conventional pay-per-view channels. But in addition to these, the battle of the legends can be live-streamed on the Triller app. 


Another good live streaming option for the Tyson Vs Roy match is a service called Vidgo. This platform is known for providing exceptionally good quality live streams of many events including sports. This is a premium service and would cost you 40 USD per month, but it’s really worth the money spent.

It comes with a great trail offer also. The best part of the content is generally available to most parts of the world. In case you are from a geo-restricted area then a simple VPN subscription will solve your problem.


For the fans living in Turkey DMAX is the Livestream partner for the event. This is a very prominent live streaming and broadcasting platform serving Turkey.

The best part about this channel is that it is absolutely free. There is no fee whatsoever attached to watch the Livestream on it. Although geo-restricted to other parts of the world. Using a VPN to access it will be one of the best ways to watch the Tyson vs Roy Livestream for free.

Tyson vs Jones Boxing Fight Live

PPTV For Fans From Thailand – Live stream Options

If you are a Tyson fan from Thailand, then PPTV is your best bet to watch the match. It is a great Thai channel with excellent reach. They do have a live stream option like any other channel operating in the region.

You can check their official app and website to know more about the streaming method. As per the current information, there are no costs involved in

TVP Sport (Poland)

For the Tyson fans in Poland, the best option to watch the live stream of the games is TVP Sports. It is a young channel and was started in 2006. That makes it even more adept at the young fans in Poland. The subscription prices are not presently known to us. We think it would be part of the greater OTT networks in Poland. If you are from Poland then this is the channel to subscribe to.

Live Stream | Tyson vs Jones Fight Info | How to Watch Online, Date, Time, Venue | Boxing Exhibition Match 28 Nov 2020 Live | YouTube TV

RPC-TV (Panama)

This is one of the most prolific broadcasters of Panama. They have terrestrial as well as digital coverage in NTSC format for the entire country. If you are from Panama then this channel is your best bet to catch the Livestream of the Tyson Vs Roy fight. Most probably it’s free of cost. However, do check the official sources for more information. With the match a few days away it’s wise to be ready beforehand.


Another great option to watch Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones live streaming is through DAZN. This channel is absolutely free in certain nationalities and will provide excellent live stream coverage of the entire event. And it makes sense to subscribe to this channel as soon as possible. In case you are from a country that has geo-blocked your location then using a VPN with it is a great way out.

HULU With LiveTV

For the avid fans of Mike Tyson, another good option to watch the live stream of the match is Hulu with live TV. The subscription price is just around 6 USD per month and it covers all the entertainment as well as live stream format. There are so many good things that one can do with HULU once the match is over. It has everything for everyone in the family. A really good option to avail.

Main Event

For people living in Australia the best way to watch the Tyson Vs Jones live stream is through a service called MAIN EVENT. It’s one of the biggest PPV live stream service providers for the country and has its specialty in covering sports events. All you have to do is buy a PPV pass. That is, rest assured the stream quality is really fantastic. You can expect a high-quality lag-free stream through it.

What is Triller? How can you download it?

The Triller app is one of the mobile-based applications which is very similar to TikTok, going by its feature where people can record and upload short music-based videos of themselves online. Triller has several big-name partnerships, in the form of Sony Music, Spotify, Universal Music, and Snapchat.

Tyson vs Jones Boxing Fight Live

With the congregation of such global application giants around Triller, it has the potential of becoming one of the best live-streaming services in recent times. The backing by these universally acclaimed applications also goes on to showcase that Triller is bound to succeed in the broadcasting services of this immensely anticipated and fabled exhibition bout. 

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr match will be telecast on the Triller on the basis of pay per view. According to reports the cost of the event will be $49.99. The event is going to be an all-star night with several music biggies performing. Some of the artists expected to perform at the event are Lil’ Wayne, Snoop Dogg along with Pitbull, and the weekend performing.

The boxing match will not be streamed on TV other than that you will have other streaming channels such as Fox Sports, American fans can tune in to live streaming channels like Fubo TV, Sling TV, Youtube TV, and others.

Other exciting prospects:

Though the bout is being broadcasted on other traditional pay-per-view channels, Thriller holds the exclusive rights of live streaming it. Along with the eight-round pay-per-view mega event, Triller is also going to present a 10-part documentary and stream it through the application. The documentary is going to portray the run-up to the clash and every detail surrounding this highly-anticipated event. 

Watch Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr live stream online cord-cutters way

If you are a person who likes to watch their sporting events in a cord-cutter way. Then there are many good options for you to choose from. We are enlisting the best ones for you below. 

  • Sling TV: There is a high probability that subscribers of SlingTV might be able to watch the Livestream of the game on this service. However, till now no official confirmation or news about it has been received. 
  • KODI: One thing we know for sure that KODI users might be able to catch the Livestream of the match using the device. All they have to do is look for extensions that can be used to point the device towards the triller. One thing it would not be free as this game is strictly PPV.
  • Youtube: There is a very high chance that you could catch the match live on youtube. Although not a proper way to move ahead youtube is still the king of video streaming and someone will surely put the matchup for the watch there. 
YouTube TV

When it comes to watching the live streams of sporting events nothing beats Youtube TV. For a monthly subscription of 64.99 USD, it comes with unlimited DVR space and up to 6 family members can be added to a single account.

Tyson vs Jones Boxing Fight Live

The only thing about this service is that it is available in the USA and adjoining regions only. Practically it’s not available to major nations and continents however that is something that can be eliminated by using a good quality VPN service. It’s highly likely that they would be airing the Tyson match officially. Till now there is no official word on it though.

Hulu With Live TV

With over 35 million subscribers, Hulu with Live TV is one OTT content provider that can really make you happy. It will cover the Tyson vs Roy match plus it has many other programs that will keep you and your family engaged once the game is over. Hulu with live tv would cost you about 55 USD per month. Which in itself is pretty affordable.

There are cheaper plans also available but they do not cover live tv or live streams. The service is really spellbinding and will satisfy your sports craving for sure.

Playstation Vue

Since Triller is the official service that would be live streaming the game. It is safe to assume that Triller can be easily accessed using PlayStation Vue. It’s a great service and comes with a monthly subscription fee. Do check the official sources to ascertain whether you can access the Tyson Vs Jones match live stream from your area. There might be certain geo-restrictions involved.

Using VPN to Watch The Match

We have already listed the major live streaming platforms for watching the game. However, there would be many more and as the numbers would increase so would the issue of geo-restriction. The only way to overcome this issue is by using a good quality VPN service. There are many good ones up for grabs, however, we love the Nord & Express VPN the most.

The reason is simple, they are affordable and very easy to set up and use. These two services are also the favorite of most of the sports lovers out there.

Is it possible to watch Mike Tyson fight through Facebook?

Another great way to watch Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones online Boxing match is by using the power of Facebook. You might find it a bit odd but the truth is that you can watch the Livestream of this great event on Facebook. Although you might have to move around a bit for getting there. There are Facebook groups that would host a watch party for the game. Well, there is always a high probability of that.

What one can do is – Join as many Tyson related groups on Facebook as possible. Turn on the notifications for all of them. As soon as one starts a watch party you would get a notification. You just have to watch it by acting on the alert. That’s it – It’s so easy after all.

Watch Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr live streaming online using Reddit 

If you are a person who loves free stuff, then Reddit is your treasure chest for the same. There is no sporting event in the world for which you would not find free Livestream links on Reddit. All you need is good networking on this platform. Create an account and join the right subreddits. Which in this case would be the one related to Mike Tyson. Once done you would soon find good quality links to watch the game in Livestream format.


Instagram is a photo-sharing app. It is very strict in its approach and does not allow links to be posted. Even if you post links they won’t be clickable which means you have to manually copy and paste them into the browser.

Now you must be wondering how one can use Instagram to watch the Livestream of the match. Simple, follow the profiles for the match, there along with pictures, there is a high chance that people would be putting in links. Just copy and paste them, then follow the instructions.

What’s More On The Cards

As per the last updates, the match between Tyson and Roy Jones will have many opening entertainment sagas. This will be like an all-star concert where artists like Snoop Dog, Lil Wayne, and Pitbull will perform. So you get more bang for your buck. The atmosphere is going to be a superb one. The true fans should not miss it for anything. Just stay tuned, we will be publishing every relevant news about the event here for sure.

Controversy Before The Match

The social media was lit yesterday, as fans of boxing as a sport were up in arms. The boxing fans are of the opinion that both Tyson and Roy are well past their time and this match is just a money grab scheme. With US fans things flared up when they became aware that the PPV price for the match in the UK is 20 USD as compared to 50 USD here. This is something that is giving some unnecessary hype to the game. Let’s see how it unfolds.

It’s going to be entertaining

The Tyson Vs Roy Jones match will be full of entertainment, it’s not just the match but also other things that are entertaining. As per the latest news, many pop stars like Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and French montana are going to perform. Earlier we had reported that PitBull would also perform however as per the latest update his name is not figuring out in the news. We know that it’s going to be entertaining and that’s why we are all waiting for it to happen soon.

Certain things are completely timeless. Just like Michel Jackson, Mike Tyson is also a living legend that has proved that the love of the fans is undying. The love it seems is mutual, thats why even at this age Tyson is ready to fight for his fans. 

Not only Tyson we also give due respect to Roy Jones Jr for this epic fight that is destined to take place this month-end. These two former world champions are poised to show that things go beyond the titles for the real legends. 

Amidst all the chaos and the controversies as cited by some sources, still, the PPV of the match is the most sought after boxing event that the fans wish to witness. So without writing more about the background, we are coming directly to the point. 

Start Time & Date: Roy Jones Jr Vs Mike Tyson

This great boxing match is destined to be held on Saturday, Nov 28 at 9 PM ET. In all, it would be a four-hour event. The main card will begin at 9 PM ET with Tyson and Jones hitting the ring by 11 PM. There are many entertainment programs also in the schedule which one can enjoy. In all, it will be one entertainment packed night. 

Live Stream | Tyson vs Jones Fight Info | How to Watch Online, Date, Time, Venue | Boxing Exhibition Match 28 Nov 2020 Live | YouTube TV

Official Live Stream Agents For Roy Jones Vs Mike Tyson 

Although this is strictly a PPV match, still there are many official live stream partners. They have been appointed based on the geographic spread. 

For the fans of the USA and Canada FITE is the official live streaming partner. They also have a tie-up with Triller. So if you are from any of these two nations then you know now how to watch the live stream of the event. 

For the United Kingdom, BT Sports is the official partner and for Australia, the MAIN Event is the service to access for PPV. 

Further information on this can be obtained by visiting the Tyson on triller website. 

Whats it’s going to cost the viewers? 

The PPV access cost as per the current information is 49.99 USD. We suggest that our readers book their slot now as the prices might vary as the event dates come near. The Livestream will also be available by the major local broadcasters. So please check the availability and how much it’s going to cost you beforehand. 

Location and Other Details 

This great match will take place at Dignity Health & Sports Park in Carson, California. Here are the player’s details 

Mike Tyson 

Height: 5’10”

Fights Till Date: 71

Roy Jones Jr

Height: 5’11”

Fights Till Date: 75