McCullum reveals Kiwis’ captaincy controversy back in 2012


Former New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum said he had a good friendship with team mate Ross Taylor. Spinner Daniel Vettori quit New Zealand captaincy after failing in the 2011 World Cup. McCullum became captain of New Zealand instead. Since then, McCullum had been in a tense relationship with Taylor.

After Vettori, Taylor played a key role in support of giving captaincy to McCullum. Then McCullum said about Taylor-McCullum’s sore relationship,

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“It strained my friendship and relationship with Taylor. In age-based cricket I have improved a lot with Taylor. When I was captain of the Under-19 team, Taylor was my vice-captain. We’ve always been good.”

McCullum added, “We had to go to an interview if the team needed it. We had a responsibility to give the picture of the future of New Zealand cricket to one panel. We didn’t know what to do. If I had my way, I’d say – I don’t want to go into the process. You make Taylor the captain and then we’ll see what happens there.”

He again added, “There was a bad time in New Zealand cricket. Me and Taylor were pressurized. So in the end, I had to get the job from Taylor.”

Problems with Taylor created after the 1-1 draw in Sri Lanka in the 2012 Test series. Then the loss to South Africa, the loss to West Indies-India led to the fall of New Zealand cricket in the rankings. New Zealand was ranked ninth in the rankings.

Taylor was given the opportunity to be the captain of the Test team, and McCullum refused to take on the ODI team. “I was asked if I would like to captain in the three formats,” McCullum said. “At first, I said I had to think long and well.”

“I knew it would be a big controversy. I also knew that there could be major setbacks in New Zealand cricket as well as the players. Taylor relinquishes his captaincy to the Test team. I didn’t know what happened then. There was a lot of controversy then. Since that time, New Zealand cricket has moved on. “

McCullum became the captain of New Zealand’s three formats in December 2012. He retained the captaincy until his retirement in 2016. Kane Williamson then became the team captain.

McCallum said Taylor and he still have no good friendships but have a lot of respect. He said, “We are not good friends. But I have respect for him. He has a wonderful family and a great career. He is at peace and well in his personal life. He’s doing really well too.”

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