New Zealand tour of Bangladesh ‘unlikely’ to go ahead

The New Zealand team is scheduled to arrive in Bangladesh in August. But at the current situation of coronavirus, they are now worried. Even the Kiwis’ visit could be canceled.

New Zealand Cricket Board Chief Executive Officer (CEO) David White said on Friday (April 3),

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“The situation is very frustrating. Especially those who are involved with the game. But you have to look at the bigger picture. The whole world is now imprisoned because of coronavirus. Now, not only do we have to ensure that our people have a good living, they also have to look good in our society.”

Meanwhile, the Sri Lanka series of the New Zealand women’s team has been postponed, which is expected to end in April. However, New Zealand is fortunate that coronavirus hit badly after the end of their cricket season. The Kiwis did not have to postpone any bilateral series at home, saying, “Good luck with New Zealand cricket. When we came to the end of summer, this crisis happened.”

Currently New Zealand is trying to ensure a sustainable state of cricket. Chief Executive White said, “We understand that all the closed cricket is having problems. Now our focus is on ensuring the sustainable state of New Zealand cricket.”

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