Petition filed in Madras High Court seeking Virat Kohli’s arrest

While everyone is worried about the Corona crisis, Indian skipper Virat Kohli heard another piece of bad news. A Chennai lawyer has filed a petition in the high court seeking the arrest of the Indian captain. The allegation against Kohli is that he is encouraging people to gamble.

Various companies organize games through gambling on the internet. Kohli has acted as a goodwill ambassador for such a company. As a result, Kohli has been accused of brainwashing youngsters to gamble. Apart from the Indian captain, actress Tamanna Bhatia has also been accused in the same petition.

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Recently, the number of youth suicides has increased in Tamil Nadu. It has been alleged that they borrowed large sums of money to gamble online and that they chose to commit suicide out of frustration at losing and not being able to manage the money. Kohli is involved in such a gambling company.

The lawyer has demanded the arrest of Kohli in a petition filed in the Madras High Court. Actress Tamanna has also been demanded to be arrested. It has also been demanded that the app and website be banned, citing the gambling as deadly.

The petition against Kohli and Tamanna will be heard on Tuesday (August 4). On the same day, it may be known what is on Kohli’s forehead as a result of this petition.

Earlier, it was alleged that the youths had committed suicide by playing a game called ‘Blue Whale’. The lawyer also referred to the gambling as as deadly as the Blue Whale in the petition.

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