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Punjab Bar Council Elections 2020 – Result Online

Punjab Bar Council Elections 2020 – Result Online

With only 5 days left in the Punjab Bar Council elections, the compound High Court has been declared a polling station, court rooms and bar hall rooms will become polling booths.

Polling Stations and Booths

Punjab Bar Election Deputy Returning Officer Chaudhry Imran Masood reviewed the steps taken to set up polling stations in the High Court. Deputy Returning Officer Chaudhry Imran Masood Advocate while talking to City 42 said that No campaign of any kind will be allowed, voters will be able to cast their votes as per the list, steps have been taken to ensure full implementation of the Code of Conduct for Candidates, candidates have been directed to open their election offices only at their offices. Set in

Urdu Version

نجاب بار کونسل کے انتخابات میں لاہور کی 16 سیٹوں کیلئے ووٹرز میں ہائیکورٹ کے 18 ہزار 431 جبکہ لوئر کورٹ کے 7 ہزار 727 وکلاء شامل ہیں، امیدوار صرف اپنے چیمبر کو ہی بطور انتخابی دفتر استعمال کرسکتے ہیں.  ہائیکورٹ کے احاطے میں ہونیوالے پولنگ کا وقت صبح ساڑھے آٹھ بجے سے ساڑھے پانچ بجے تک ہوگا۔

Election Code of Conduct

Chaudhry Imran Masood Advocate says that lawyers are role models of democracy and he hopes that they will fully implement the Electoral Code of Conduct. 51 Additional Sessions Judges of Lahore District Court will perform their duties as Presiding Officers. A copy of the election results has been directed to be sent immediately through WhatsApp.

Result Punjab Bar Council Election 2020 – 28th November Saturday Polling Day

Total Voters

Voters for 16 seats in Lahore in the Punjab Bar Council elections include 18,431 High Court lawyers and 7,727 Lower Court lawyers. Candidates can only use their chamber as an election office. It will be from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Degree Verification of Candidates

On the orders of the Chief Justice, the process of verification of degrees of all 399 candidates is also underway before the elections. LLB degrees of candidates are being verified by universities including Punjab University. Bar notification will be issued.