Reason why Anushka Sharma named as Rashid Khan’s wife in Google search


Google search mentioned Indian skipper Virat Kohli’s better half Anushka Sharma as the wife of Afghanistan leggie Rashid Khan and the real reason for that has been revealed now.

The artificial machine learning mechanisms do many wonders nowadays on positive note without any doubts. At the same time, the algorithms in those mechanisms lays foundation for some blunders too. One such incident happened with Afghanistan leggie  Rashid Khan.


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The recent funny, infact a blunder going around the cricketing world is a big mistake done Google search. The Google search showed Indian skipper Virat Kohli’s wife Anushka Sharma as Afghanistan leg spinner Rashid Khan’s wife. When someone searches for Rashid Khan’s wife it displays the name of Anushka Sharma.

The technical blunder has been going viral among fans in social media. But there was a question raised why suddenly the artificial intelligence mechanism showing like that in a ridiculous manner. The real reason has been revealed now.

Back in 2018, the leg spinner picked Anushka Sharma and Pretty Zinta as his favourite Bollywood actresses during an Instagram live chat. Because of that, the algorithms in Google searches ticked Anushka Sharma as Rashid Khan’s wife and ended up in a blunder. However, it shouldn’t bother both parties as all are busy with IPL 2020.

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