Rohit Sharma is learning nursery rhymes at home

The whole world is now engulfed by the outbreak of coronavirus. Citizens have been appealed for voluntary deportation. India is closed until April 21. Thousands of poor people have been living in trouble due to this lockdown.

Like others, India national cricket team opener Rohit Sharma is at home quarantine to avoid the risk of coronavirus. And in this leisure time, he is learning the poems of nursery.

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People are spending time in different ways in this lazy time- watching movies and TV, reading books etc. Many are looking for different ways to spend time. In a video message on Instagram, Rohit has revealed how he is spending his time. He also urges everyone to be aware during this time of crisis.

“Hope you all are safe. Right now we are all going through a difficult situation. The discipline can only be lifted from this situation by following instructions from the government, health agencies.

“Most important, being in the house. I am at home with my family, watching a lot of movies, going to different places in the house. I’m learning a lot of nursery rhymes, which is pretty fun. I am enjoying. Hope you do the same, try to entertain each other. Try something innovative. Stay fit and healthy.”

Watch the full video here-


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