Rohit Sharma Slams Netizen Urging Him to Speak in English During Instagram Session With Jasprit Bumrah; Here’s What The MI Skipper Said

Rohit Sharma (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

While the entire country as locked themselves up with a 21-day long quarantine, even our cricketers are in quarantine and are keeping themselves busy with the daily chores of their homes. The sportsmen are doing everything that they usually miss out on while they are on the go. A lot of them have even conducted a live chat session with the fans and have kept them abreast of their daily activities. Now, Rohit Sharma recently conducted a live session alongside his Mumbai Indians teammate Jasprit Bumrah and was also seen schooling a netizen who urged him to speak in English. Rohit Sharma Brutally Trolls Rishabh Pant for Challenging Him in Longest-Six Hitting Competition (Watch Video).

So here’s what happened. So the two i.e. Rohit and Bumrah were heaving a hearty chat with each other. Just then a social media user in the comments section suggested that he should speak in English. Now, this surely did not go down well with the Mumbai Indians’ skipper and he said, “They are saying speak in English, ‘no we are Indians we will be speaking in Hindi only’. I will speak in English in the TV interviews, right now I am at home.” Even Jasprit Bumrah supported Rohit Sharma’s statement and he said that they need to speak in Hindi.

The two further chatted about how Bumrah idolises AC Milan’s, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Bumrah went on to explain his reason for liking Zlatan, “I have heard that people never used to take Zlatan seriously, it was the same with me, I was also not taken seriously. But he proved everyone wrong, that is what I like about him.” A few days ago, Rohit had appeared on a live chat with Kevin Pietersen where the English cricketer was greeted by baby Samaira in an adorable manner.

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