Rohit takes dig at ICC over best pool shot tweet


Everyone is getting a long vacation. That has never happened in the history of the world. All domestic or international games around the world have been suspended. The entire sports world is now in quarantine for the coronavirus terror.

Many do not understand what to do with this unexpected vacation. Many of the stars in quarantine are making short videos on social media. Many are making everyone aware of corona. The International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Twitter admin is also looking for ways to spend time.

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Cricket lovers are being reminded by posting important events in the past. Asking for comments from people. Who does the best pool shot, past and present combined? One such post was made. Indian Opener Rohit Sharma has been knocked out by the ICC in the poll.

“Which batsman, past or present, has the best pull shot, in your opinion?” – ICC wants to comment on names of four cricketers in the world with personal names and pictures. From Viv Richards to current Indian captain Virat Kohli in the list of four. The other two are former Australian captain Ricky Ponting and South African batsman Herschelle Gibbs. Rohit Sharma has been astonished not to see his own name in this short list. Rohit is more famous for playing pool shots even though thousands of batsmen of this generation get their place.

The funny fact is that Rohit has taken a dig at ICC. Retweeting the ICC tweet, Rohit wrote, “Someone’s missing here?? Not easy to work from home I guess.”

During the days of coronavirus, everyone is at home. Referring to that, maybe Rohit explained, let me get down to the field once before and show them how to play pool shot.

Many Indian supporters have spread Rohit’s tweet and commenting that Rohit is the best pool shot player. However, neutral supporters are choosing Ponting more which is obvious.

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