Shakib expresses embarrassment on arrears issue of his farm workers

Hatchery workers of Shakib Al Hasan Agro Farm Limited protested on Monday (April 20) demanding payment of arrears. Cricketer Shakib Al Hasan has expressed embarrassment about this incident. The workers of the farm were not getting salary for 2 months for the mistakes of the person who was given the responsibility to manage the farm.

The news spread on Monday morning- workers had been protesting for demand for 4 months’ unpaid wages at Shakib Al Hasan Agro Farm Limited. For this, Shakib has been criticized on social media throughout the day.

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Shakib Al Hasan Agro Farm Limited is located at Burigawalini in Shamnagar Upazila of Satkhira. On Monday morning, hundreds of hatchery workers blocked the Munshiganj-Nildumur road and demanded payment of arrears. Later, they were removed by RAB and police.

Shakib’s personal manager Sohan says,

“Pavel was the manager of the farm owned by Shakib. After December, Shakib was not directly involved with the activities of the farm. Pavel was in charge of the overall affairs. Shakib was very fearless because of the good management by him in the past. However, in the last few days, the wages of the workers have been stuck in the manipulation of the manager. Shakib himself didn’t know about this.”

Although the media mentioned 4 months of salary arrears, the sources said that actually two months’ salaries were due.

Sohan further added that, “Shakib himself is feeling embarrassed in this incident. However, arrangements have already been made to pay the workers. Hatchery workers will be paid arrears within April 30 this month. All activities of Shakib Al Hasan Agro Farm Limited will continue even during the crisis created by the coronavirus.”

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