Shakib salutes everyone who fights against coronavirus


Bangladesh star all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan has placed himself in self-quarantine in the United States as a part of the awareness against coronavirus. Shakib did this on his own initiative after flying to the United States so that the virus could not spread through it.

The champion cricketer of Bangladesh did not think it was his only duty to quarantine himself. Since there is nothing to directly fight against coronavirus, only awareness can be created – that is what Shakib is doing regularly.

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Shakib has been delivering various awareness messages from quarantine through regular videos. In order to increase awareness among the general public. At the same time, he paid tribute and honor to those who went to fight against coronavirus.

Shakib was given a salute in the field after Ben Stokes was dismissed in the Test against England four years ago. Which is later known as the ‘Shakibian Salute’. That picture also became a famous image of cricket in the country.

This time Shakib used the picture to salute everyone who came down in the fight against coronavirus. Shakib had termed everyone as a “true hero” who fight against the deadly virus. He posted a message on Facebook.

Where he wrote,

“Salute to all of our amazing countrymen who are fighting this deadly virus to keep us safe. We pray for the wellbeing of every single doctor, nurse, medical and healthcare staff, Bangladesh Army & Police, government workers, volunteers and essential service providers who are on the front line fighting selflessly and tirelessly.”

At the same time, he urged the general public, “The least we can do is support them by staying inside, taking the necessary precautions and following professional advice during these difficult times. We can only overcome this together. May Allah help us all.”

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