Shoaib Akhtar urges everyone to be united in global crisis


In a video posted on his official YouTube, former Pakistan speed star Shoaib Akhtar said, “I request all my fans around the world, that in the wake of the global crisis and religious considerations, we need to think together as a world power. This is not the time of division, we have to live as human beings.”

In order to prevent coronavirus, the Pakistani government has also locked down several areas already. “If you come in contact with someone and have meetings in different places, it will be difficult to resist coronavirus,” Shoaib said.

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Many have stockpiled food items for fear of rising prices due to lock-downs. In this regard, the ‘Rawalpindi Express’ said,

“If you are storing goods, please also consider the day laborers. What is the guarantee that you will live two to three months? Think of the day laborers too. How will he feed his family? Think of people as human beings, not Hindus and Muslims. We have to help each other. Create funds. Close the storage.”

He also said, “The rich will survive, how will the poor survive? Have faith. Many of us are treated like animals, live as humans. Please try to be kind. Now is the time to help others.”

Shoaib added, “The whole world is now at risk. The tourism industry has suffered. The economy has suffered greatly. The whole world is going to lockdown.”

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