Shoaib Akhtar wants India-Pakistan match to raise funds

India and Pakistan are neighboring countries, but many years have passed since a bilateral series happens between these two countries because of some internal problems. However, Pakistan legend Shoaib Akhtar suggests organizing series between India and Pakistan.

The former Pakistan paceman believes the two-nation cricket fight will play a major role in raising relief funds for coronavirus.

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India and Pakistan have not played a full series after 2007 because of political issues. The two neighboring countries are seen playing only at the ICC event and the Asia Cup. Akhtar, however, feels the need to host an India-Pakistan match at the moment in this difficult crisis under the influence of the coronavirus. With the procession of death, low-income and helpless people are living a life of hardship. Different funds have been set up for them. ‘Rawalpindi Express’ wants the Indo-Pak match to increase it further.

Akhtar told the Indian news agency PTI from Islamabad,

“During this crisis, I propose to host a three-match series (India-Pakistan). No one in the two countries will be upset about this match surely. If (Kohli) makes a century, we (Pakistanis) will be happy, and if Babar Azam makes a century, you (Indians) will be happy. Whatever happens on the field, both teams will be the winners.”

The former pacer’s plan for fundraising is, “There will be a lot of spectators in the India-Pakistan match. After a long time, the two countries will play against each other, so that the money collected in the funds will be shared equally by the Government of India and Pakistan.”

It is not possible to organize a series at this difficult time, but if coronavirus’s horror is over, he proposes to do so, “It may not be possible right now. But when everything goes well, in a neutral venue such as the game can be arranged in Dubai. Chartered flights may be arranged for this purpose. Who knows, maybe the political situation of the two countries will improve with this match!”

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