Shoaib criticizes Facebook-WhatsApp doctors


As social media often solves difficult tasks, it is often the biggest place to spread the rumor again. The dishonest people choose Facebook-WhatsApp to spread all the bizarre information in any issue.

Just as it currently appears in the form of epidemics, the coronavirus. There is a lot of truth and false information being spread on social media through various videos. What many see is likely to go the wrong way.

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Specifically, videos of all the bizarre ways of preventing coronavirus are going viral in the moment on Facebook or WhatsApp. Shoaib Akhtar, former Pakistani player, washed away the people what he saw on Facebook-WhatsApp doctors.

In a video on his YouTube channel, Shoaib said,

“Now everyone is a doctor. Everyone has started making videos about coronavirus. I do not understand why everyone wants to take advantage of such a complex situation. It’s good to avoid these nasty jokes about coronavirus on social media. It is a very complex disease.”

In that long video, Shoaib says much more about the current situation. Researchers say that those whose immune system is better, they are less likely to suffer from coronavirus disease. But Pakistanis have reduced their immunity by eating junk foods, Shoaib said.

“If we have to fight coronavirus, our lungs must be healthy and healthy,” he said. “Since we destroyed our immune system by eating outside food in the previous years, we have to bear the responsibility. Instead, if we eat homemade food, our immune system would have been better and we could have fought better against coronavirus.”

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