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Sourav Ganguly ‘doing well’, to be discharged from hospital on Wednesday

Sourav Ganguly is being released from Woodlands Hospital in Kolkata, where he was admitted on Wednesday, January 2 after complaining of chest pain and discomfort.

Hospital officials confirmed that his coronary artery blockage had been detected, that he had “stented the right coronary artery,” and that the former India captain and current BCCI president was “fine”. After Ganguly was released, he would take oral medication and be “watched every day by doctors and nurses at home”.

“Sourav Ganguly is doing well as clinically expected of all of us,” said Dr. Rupali Basu, Dr., and the hospital’s CEO told reporters in Calcutta on Tuesday. “He slept well, had breakfast, talked to us, and saw him from his medical team. Dr. Devi Shetty (renowned cardiac surgeon) is here and today not only spent with Saurav but also with the medical team.

“Saurav only has three small critical block areas and once he’s overpowered, his heart is normal as the rest. This is the advantage of exercising and not indulging in one of the vices and many, many are living what’s called a healthy life.”

Dr. Devi Shetty
“We confirm the consensus decision of the highly experienced Medical Council with 13 members and two expert opinions – a total of 15 doctors from abroad and India – that we have decided that Saurav will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, January 6, 2021. It will be for oral medication. and monitored daily at home by doctors and nurses. Of course, in about two to three weeks, Sourav will be ready for the next procedure or medical procedure.

Dr. Basu also said that Ganguli has no comorbidities but has a family history of heart disease and has tested negative for Covid-19.

Dr. Responding to the media contingent outside the hospital, Shetty said, “Sourav doesn’t have a serious problem. This is a problem that most Indians experience at one point in their time, namely coronary artery occlusion.

“Is there a heart defect? ​​No. He had blockages and a little discomfort, but at the right time, he ended up in the right hospital and got the right treatment. His heart is as strong today as when Saurav was 20. I want to understand everyone. ” that she didn’t have a major heart event that broke her heart. He has a very, very strong heart. “

Ganguli was admitted to the hospital Saturday morning after complaining of “chest pain, chest discomfort, a heavy head feeling, vomiting, and dizziness while exercising at home,” said Dr. Basu. Doctors later learned that Ganguli had a heart attack, but because he had been an athlete for most of his life, he had “only a minor blockage” in an artery.

“Sourav has an obstruction in a small area and isolated from the coronary artery which is a long tube,” said Dr. Shetty. “Most people who drink like fish and smoke like chimneys develop blockages along their arteries. Saurav has only three small areas of critical blockage, and once the heart clears up as normal as usual. another. That’s the advantage of exercising and not indulging in anything bad and living what is very, very well called a healthy life. “

Dr. Shetty added that Ganguly will need an angioplasty in about two weeks, but the decision is up to him. “Will this event affect his life in the future? Of course not. Stern, with the proper care he has received so far and the care he will receive in the future, will lead a normal life like everyone else. had no effect. ”Her lifestyle or life expectancy.

“All doctors agree that she has had an angioplasty, should go home and return to work. A strict person can return to work from home as soon as they get home. Angioplasty may be needed in the future, which is similar to the routine angioplasty in most hospitals in the country. , not too complicated or life-threatening.

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