Stokes preparing for IPL 2020 amid coronavirus terror


The IPL has lagged behind, but whether the franchise-based Twenty20 tournament which is postponed until April 15 will take place after that is totally doubtful. The Tokyo Olympics were supposed to be in July. Even then, the biggest sports competition in the world has been declared to be held in 2021 under the influence of coronavirus.

However, still Ben Stokes is preparing for the 13th season of Indian Premier League (IPL).

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The IPL was supposed to be started on March 29. But for the epidemic situation of coronavirus, it was suspended until April 15. More than 600 people infected in India with COVID-19 disease, 11 died. And the death toll is over 21,000 worldwide. In this situation, there creates a situation of backlash or cancellation of IPL.

Stokes, however, continuing his preparation for IPL thinking it will commence on April 20. He’s been doing regular workouts to maintain fitness. He has been in Rajasthan Royals since joining the team in 2018 for a total of Rs 12 crore 50 lakh at the auction. Looking forward to playing in the IPL, the English all-rounder said,

“My next competition is IPL right now. The schedule has not changed, so I will continue my practice imagining IPL will start from April 20.”

For the terror situation of coronavirus, the country’s government has locked down the whole country till April 14. Stokes knows that, but still hoping to play in IPL in time, “The physical condition has to be maintained. For three weeks I will be sitting, and thinking I will be ready to play on April 20, that may not be me. If the tournament starts, I have to be ready for that.”

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