Home News Supporters of India, Pakistan in twitter war over Babar issue

Supporters of India, Pakistan in twitter war over Babar issue

Pakistan national team captain Babar Azam has been accused of sexual and physical abuse. A woman named Hamiza Mukhtar alleged that Babar had exploited her by promising her marriage and embezzled large sums of money.

Such allegations against Babar have made devidition among fans. Supporters of his country Pakistan are by Babar’s side normally. They claim that the allegations against Babar have been fabricated on purpose. But the exact opposite is the demand of Pakistan’s arch-rival India’s supporters. They are accusing Babar on Twitter.

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The woman alleged that Babar had been in relationship with her for ten years and is now rejecting her. She told a news conference in Lahore on Saturday (November 28) that she had known Babar since school days. Mentioning that she had been by Babar’s side in difficult times, she said that she had spent a lot of money behind Babar to become a cricketer. Despite repeated assurances of marriage, the 26-year old Babar is now rejecting her.

She accused Babar of sexual and physical abuse and money laundering. She claimed that the two had a close relationship before Babar became a big star. They lived in a nearby area at that time. She also claimed that Babar proposed her in 2010. In 2011, she proposed Babar to marry in court, but he refused. Gradually Babar changed his mind once he’s becoming a star.

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