Sushant was a friend, I wish I could talk to him: Shami


India pacer Mohammed Shami himself once suffered from mental depression. He knows very well how difficult it is to survive in such a time.

He also wanted to commit suicide three times due to depression. Shami, who turned around from there, regretted that he did not meet Sushant Singh Rajput once!


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The Indian fast bowler is heartbroken to see Bollywood star Sushant lose in the same agony. Shami repeatedly thinks that if he knew about Sushant’s depression, he would talk to him about it. Trying to lighten the burden of Sushant’s mind. But now he has no chance.

Shami is burning with regret,

“Depression is a problem that needs attention. It was unfortunate to see such a brilliant actor like Sushant Singh Rajput lose his life. He was a friend and I wish I could talk to him had I known about his mental condition. In my case, my family pulled me out of that low phase. They took care of me and made me realise that I needed to fight back.”

Shami also thought of suicide more than once due to mental depression, “There were times I felt suicidal but my family ensured I was never alone. Someone or the other would always be around, talking to me. Spirituality also helps you seek answers. Talking to your close ones or counselling is the best way out.”

The worst time in Shami’s life came after the 2015 World Cup. Fighting with injury, he was sidelined for 14 months. Added to this was the strained relationship with his wife Hasin Jahan. He had to go to court for this.

That time was so bad that Shami thought of suicide three times. A few days ago, he spoke about it with Rohit Sharma on Instagram Live.


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