Thousands Won’t Get to Watch PSL Opening Ceremony Due to a PCB Blunder

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has made quite a few blunders in the organization of opening ceremony of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020 which can potentially dismay spectators.

According to reports, PCB has installed two massive screens in front of separate enclosures for comprehensive coverage of the opening ceremony. However, the screens have been set up in a way that impedes the view of spectators.


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The two enclosures affected by PCB’s mismanagement are Iqbal Qasim enclosure and Naseem ul Ghani enclosure. Both enclosures have a combined seating capacity of 5000.

The spectators have reportedly paid Rs. 2500 for a seat in the said enclosures only to be disappointed by PCB’s mismanagement.

The PCB is yet to clarify how it would rectify the mistake. Some reports are suggesting that PCB has slashed the ticket price to Rs. 1500. However, it has not provided any details of the mechanism through which it will refund the remaining amount.

If reports turn out to be true, the PCB will incur damage of Rs. 5 million due to last-minute changes in the ticket prices.


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Another blunder the PCB has committed is that its organizing committee has installed a small screen, usually used at weddings, over the old scoreboard to provide fans with the match details.

When contacted, the PCB stated that it had sent National Stadium’s giant scoreboard screen for repair to South Africa. However, the repair could not be completed on time, which is why it was forced to use a screen that is not of sports quality.

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