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TV Savannah On AstraSat-2G @28.2E New Frequency 2021 – MeerSat All About Satellite Information

TV Savannah On AstraSat-2G @28.2E New Frequency 2021

Savannah is an American prime time television soap opera that ran from January 21, 1996 to February 24, 1997 on The WB. Created by Constance M. Burge and produced by Aaron Spelling, it was the first-one hour program to air on The WB network. Savannah starred Jamie Luner, Robyn Lively and Shannon Sturges as a trio of friends challenged by outside forces and each other. The first season of the series was The WB’s most successful program at the time, but the show was cancelled after two seasons.

TV Savannah On AstraSat-2G @28.2E New Frequency 2021

Set in the southern city of Savannah, Georgia, the series revolves around three female friends: naive rich girl Reese Burton (Shannon Sturges), noble Lane McKenzie (Robyn Lively), and scheming bad girl Peyton Richards (Jamie Luner). Lane had previously left Savannah after graduating from college to become a successful journalist in New York City, but returns for the wedding of her childhood best friend Reese to Travis Peterson (George Eads). Finding out that her apartment in New York has been burglarized, Lane tries to collect on an inheritance, but discovers that Travis has stolen every penny of it. Travis has also, as Reese is devastated to discover, been having an affair with a girl he calls “Bunny”, who is actually Peyton, Reese’s so-called friend and daughter of the Burton family’s maid. Peyton envies Reese’s wealth and is keen to marry for money.

Travis is soon found dead, and the first season revolves around the whodunit murder mystery and subsequent court case. Considerable intrigue surrounds the machinations of Tom Massick (Paul Satterfield), a stranger with a score to settle, as well as the identity of Peyton’s father, who turns out to be Reese’s father Edward (Ray Wise), making Peyton and Reese half-sisters. Cassandra “Cassie” Wheeler (Alexia Robinson), longtime friend of the three other women, joined the cast in the second season, and Eads returned as Travis’s identical twin Nick

TV Savannah
AstraSat-2G @28.2E
FREQ: 11090 H 30000
MPEG4 HD FTA Started

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