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We will need this great togetherness the whole season: Harry Kane | Football News

Tottenham Hotspur stalwart Harry Kane has always been prolific and this season is no different. Spurs, however, are on a new high under Jose Mourinho in the virus-ravaged year of 2020. On Sunday, they run into another high-flying club Chelsea in a London derby at Stamford Bridge.
In this elaborate interview, the English striker talks about the team working as a unit, his relationship with Son, the guidance of Jose Mourinho and the influence of Gareth Bale:
Well Harry, the start of the season has been fantastic for you and for Spurs. Seven goals for you, eight assists. This is a remarkable tale to tell at the start of the season. What do you put that success down to?
KANE: Yeah, it’s been a good start, except for that first game against Everton, since then we’ve been really good as a team, creating a lot of chances, scoring a lot of goals. We’ve had a couple of results that just haven’t gone our way, a couple of last-minute goals. But all-in-all I think just confidence. The boys are feeling good. It’s one of those seasons that seems like every team is dropping points at certain stages so just trying to take each game as it comes, just working hard and yeah taking that into every game really.
A lot of people have been pointing out to the fact that you’ve been dropping deeper at certain times in the game and that’s enabled you to get on the ball and display your passing range. Is that something, obviously you’ve talked to the manager about, was it his idea, did you need convincing about it? Tell us the story?
KANE: Nah I think, if you look back over the years, it’s something I’ve been doing for a while. I played as a ten when I was a youth team player so I’ve always been able to drop into that pocket and even when Mauricio first came to Tottenham I was playing as a ten behind Soldado or Adebayor at the time, so it’s something that’s been in my game for a while. I think this season we have probably focused a little bit more on it and more on the fact that when I drop deep that we have runners in behind. Probably over the last couple of seasons as attacking players we’ve all probably been dropping a bit too deep to get on the ball when we’re getting frustrated in games. But this season it’s been working well, obviously Sonny has been running in behind, Stevie, Lucas, Gaz, whoever is on the pitch knows that if me or the number ten drop into that hole they have to make sure they’re making those runs to create space.
So, that’s almost the trigger is it, because yourself and Son appear to be on exactly the same page. You are good friends outside of the training pitch and the games as well. Is it instinctual, do you have to work on it? You’ve always had a great relationship, if you could describe that a little for us.
KANE: Yeah, I think it’s just year by year the more you play with someone the more you get to know someone. Yeah you just understand your games a little bit better. I think we’ve had a great relationship over the years but this season it’s just clicked a little bit more. But I think both just being a bit more clinical in the final third, whether it’s the final pass or final finish. When someone’s in good form you just try to find them the ball and you end up scoring goals, it might be little deflections, or going through the keeper’s legs or things like that they just seem to go your way. We are riding that wave at the moment but look, it’s not just me and Sonny, we have a great team unit at the minute, a great togetherness and we are going to need that for the rest of the season if we want to keep staying as high up in the table.
Jose Mourinho. He’s having a tangible effect on things at Tottenham Hotspur. How has he affected your game personally? What’s your relationship like with him?
KANE: Yeah, it’s been good. We’ve had a great relationship since he walked through the door to be honest. Yeah, again, what we touched on there tactically, he wasn’t one to definitely tell me to drop deep but he was saying if I wanted to drop deep to make sure people were running in behind. But yeah, little things like that and obviously Jose’s a winner at every level, he has come in with that aura about him and obviously he wants to win things here. Yeah just installing that confidence in the team and like you say, he’s a great man with great experience so us as players can only look at that and take confidence in that.
A few questions in one here Harry; a) do you follow your manager on Instagram? b) Did you see his post after the Antwerp game? And c) Did you have to be in at 11:00 the morning after that defeat?
KANE: I do not follow him on Instagram, I did see the post, and yeah, we were training at that time anyway so that wasn’t a surprise. Yeah, look it’s up to him what he wants to post. As players we just try and do our thing, we don’t get too much involved with that, but yeah I did see it.
Gareth Bale scored the winner against Brighton, and him coming back to the club, you were a young player when he was there originally; he left about seven years ago. What was the reaction at the training ground when you discovered Gareth Bale was returning to Tottenham?
KANE: I think there was excitement. Obviously, we know what Gareth can do, we know what he did when he was here before. He obviously went on to achieve amazing things at Real Madrid. So yeah, I think the excitement to have him back a player of that ability and that experience coming into the changing room is always a boost, and he’s been great since he’s come in he’s been a big part of the team. He’s had to get fit a bit more, he’s had to have a little mini pre-season. Whenever he’s come on the pitch or in training he’s working hard, he’s here to try and win things, he’s not just here to come back to his old club and enjoy the final few years of his career, he’s come here to try and be successful and that’s what we need. So, it was great for him to get that goal at the weekend. It will give him even more confidence and yeah, he will feel the love. I’m sure he’s felt the love from the fans and the players already and that will only boost his confidence and we all know when Gareth is firing at his highest level, he is very hard to stop.
After the Burnley game you said that you felt Tottenham could do something special this season. Bearing in mind that firepower you now have in the side. Defensively there is a bit of depth there. In the midfield there’s creativity and a bit of bite there as well. Could Gareth Bale be that player that puts you over the line in terms of creating something special?
KANE: Well I think that’s something we will have to wait and see. We’ve had a good solid start to the season, there’s a lot to improve on in all aspects of our game, but like I touched on earlier, when someone like that comes into the changing room, it definitely gives everyone a boost. Someone that has won things, won many titles, won the champions league many times, so yeah you want those players around, even players like Harty who have won. So yeah, I think there’s still a long way to go, we are in a solid place at the moment, we are feeling good, but we also know in the Premier League that can soon turn around if you lose two or three on the bounce. I think the last couple of games have been important; two tough games, we probably haven’t played our best but we’ve ground out the result. So we go into a period now, hopefully we can win before the international break and then we have some tough games after that so look we will have to wait and see what happens but we are feeling good so far.
Tottenham were magnificent at Old Trafford after that early blow of going a goal down in the first couple of minutes, you won 6-1. It’s not a result you’d necessarily expect with a full Old Trafford, you did it at an empty Old Trafford, we will never know. As a striker what do you sense are the differences to the matches without fans as opposed to being with fans? And of course, some fans will be back now in your stadium soon.
KANE: It’s a hard one, obviously I think when you’re at home, or if you’re leading, or if you’re drawing and if you need a goal the fans are right there behind you. Every pass, every attack, every counter-attack, they are fully pushing you almost into the goal. But on the other hand if you’re behind, maybe you’re two or three goals down, you don’t have the fans there to get you back going, so that’s why I think we’ve seen a lot of results, maybe 5/6/7 goals this season because it’s hard to transfer that energy. Once the momentum swings one way it’s hard to then, when you’re at home and you haven’t got your fans there to pick you back up it’s hard to get that feeling back in the game. Yeah, like I say it’s been a strange season with some strange results but obviously from our point of view we’ve been doing alright and we can’t wait to have them back. To be honest we’ve all gotten used to it, it was a bit strange at first but yeah it’s become part of the norm. When the fans come back that will be more strange than before.
Just going back to that comment you made about doing something special this season; what would that be?
KANE: I think that yeah, of course to do something special would be to win the biggest trophies. I want to make it clear we are not getting carried away. We do not think that we are definitely in the running. We have some hard fixtures coming up that can always change things. Like we touched on earlier we have players that have won things in the changing room. We have good experience in the changing room, good leaders in the changing room, and I feel we are all at a place now where if we get it right mentally then we can achieve things, but like I said we are not getting carried away.